This section answers the queries of the ‘Al Ehsaan’ website users, regarding the processing of information and why it is even collected. Since it is vital for every user to know how the app and website work, we urge every user to understand the policy that rules Al Ehsaan. 

The pronouns like ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to the app itself while pronouns like ‘you’ and ‘your’ refer to our respective app users and readers. We humbly request you to take some precious time out and read this section for your information, in order to avoid any present and future misunderstandings. 

Please note that if you continue to use our services even after visiting our privacy policy, we will take it as your agreement with our policy. If you do not agree with any of the point mentioned here, then you may discontinue the use of our app. In case you are confused about anything, you can always contact our customer support team. Our contact information is mentioned at the end of this page. 

Information Collection

Please read the below sections thoroughly as they will inform you regarding our information collection methods. 

Collection via Third Party Advertisement

We will introduce a new version in the future to improve users’ experience with this app and we may allow third-party websites or apps to advertise with us. The users are fully responsible for their experience with these third-party websites. 

Collection via Third-Party Analytics and Advertisement

Various third-party advertisements can be shown in our app. Users are free to click them and visit these ads for further information. But be warned that our privacy policy only protects your information as long as you stay on our app. if you wish to visit other apps via advertisements; you will be leaving our app zone and you will be required to follow privacy policies of respective websites or apps. 
Various third-party analytics in our app record the activity of users on our app. We do not store or keep a tab on your other internet activities at all. We only use this information to make your experience pleasant. 

Third-party Information Access

We only disclose your information to the management of the app and law regulatory or judicial authorities. In case of any damage as a result of exposure to higher authorities, we are not responsible.

Disclosure of Information

We do not attempt to disclose the information of users. However, we cannot say the same against any user who uses the app’s platform to discuss any personal information with another user. Please be careful while sharing your information with other users. 

Amendment in Policy

We have the rights to change amend or remove any policy without prior information. That is why we encourage our users to visit the privacy policy page often to stay updated. 
If you wish to know more about our website, app, or privacy policy, do not be reluctant to contact us.

Contact Details

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