Donate your Fidya for Missed Fasts in Ramadan

Fidya is primarily for those who are suffering from a long-term illness and are not able to observe fast due to old age, and are also unable to make up the fasts after Ramadan.

As narrated in the Holy Quran:

“Fasting is for a fixed number of days, and if one of you be sick, or if one of you be on a journey, you will fast the same number of other days later on. For those who are capable of fasting (but still do not fast), there is redemption: feeding a needy man for each day missed. Whoever voluntarily does more good than is required, will find it better for him; and that you should fast is better for you, if you only know.” (Qur’an 2:184)

The amount is $10 for each fast and this amount will be used in different welfare projects that are designed to help the needy and the poor. As there is a difference of opinion to pay Fidya, we recommend you contact your neighborhood researcher to decide whether you need to pay Ramadan Fidya or not.

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