Donate your Fidya for Missed Fasts in Ramadan

On the off chance that you are older or are languishing a persistent sickness over which there is no expectation of recuperation, and can’t quick, you can remunerate your missed diets in Ramadan by paying a Ramadan Fidya Donation.

Allah says (understanding of the significance): [Fasting for] a set number of days. So whoever among you is sick or on an excursion [during them] – then, at that point an equivalent number of days [are to be made up]. What’s more, upon the individuals who are capable [to quick, yet with hardship] – a payoff [as substitute] of taking care of a needy individual [each day]. Furthermore, whoever volunteers abundance – it is better for him. Be that as it may, to quick is best for you, in the event that you just knew.

Qur’an 2:184

The amount Money Do You Pay for Fidya?

Fidya for a missed quick is to take care of a poor or penniless individual for each missed day of fasting in Ramadan. In Canada we suggest $10 for each missed quick. On the off chance that you miss the entirety of the diets in Ramadan you would pay $300.

Islamic Schools of Thought

There are fluctuating suppositions on when the Fidya is required so we prescribe you contact your neighborhood researcher to decide whether you are needed to pay the Ramadan Fidya Donation.

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