Provision of clean, sustainable drinking water for under privileged communities is a global issue that affects almost every human being on the planet. The UN estimates that more than 1 billion people live without access to safe drinking water – and this number continues to grow each year.

To meet this need we will purchase and implement an Industrial Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification System.  This will provide one of the most advanced water purification technologies available.  

We have installed more than 50 Filtration plants in Pakistan and all of them are active and providing free and sustainable water to the poor and impoverished areas. Our latest project is working in Ehsaan Medical Center that has the Capability of 2000 liter gallons.

  • Drinking water for patients and staff
  • Medical procedures
  • Medicine preparation
  • Local community and general public (outside hospital building)

We have many small filters units as shown in the imange, in many backward areas where people are in dire need of clean and pure water.

We have 3 types of water projects:

  1. Hand pump and it cost $150.
  2. Drilled wells and it cost $2500. most of this in masjids or Madrassahs
  3. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification Project it cost $6000


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