“That they may witness benefits for themselves and mention the name of Allah on known days over what He has provided for them of cattle. So eat of them and feed the poor.” – The Holy Qur’an, 22:28

No matter who you are, where you live, or what you look like, one thing is certain: Eid is for everyone!

With Eid ul Adha around the corner, we must remember that everyone should experience the joy of Eid. Eid is for the poor, the rich, the orphan, the widow, they have, and the have-nots. As for us, we have an obligation to provide our Udhiya/Qurbani, and as for the less fortunate, they have the right to a blessed, joyous Eid celebration made possible through your donation.

Qurbani Rules And Meat Distribution

The price of a Udhiya, Qurbani in Pakistan Eid al-Adha in the year 1442/2021:

  • 1 sheep or goat = 1 Qurbani ($250)
  • 1 cow = ($600)
  • 1/7th of the share of cow (1 Qurbani ) ($105)

Jazak’Allahu Khayrun Katheera Fidarayn wa Ahsaanul Jaza wa BarakAllahu Feekum and Thank you to everyone who contributed to this Charity project. We have met our fundraising goal.